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Eye Health Examinations

At Jonesborough Eye Clinic, we believe that preventative care is very important. There are many conditions that can affect a person that may not have symptoms, or the symptoms may be so mild that the individual isn't aware of a problem. We take the time to discover any conditions you may have that are currently causing problems or may cause problems in the future. We then take an individualized approach to create a plan that will address your issues and work best with your lifestyle.

Some of the problems that we often detect in eye health exams are unknown to you, such as dry eye syndrome, diabetes, or glaucoma. We utilize advanced technology to ensure we have completed a thorough assessment and strive to leave you with a solid understanding of what your options are for vision correction and treatment of your eye conditions. 

We enjoy seeing patients of all ages at Jonesborough Eye Clinic. We have some as young as 6 months, and we have many that are in their 90s! 

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